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X3200 Airsoft BB Shooting Chronograph Speed Tester 


LCD Display

6 Memory slots

Duarble/detachable anode aluminium hood

Tripod screw for tripod fitting

Muzzle Veocity range:10-400MPS

R.O.F. Range:100-9999RMP

Muzzle energy range:0.01~999 Joule

Batteries:Operated by 4 x AAA Batteries


Dimensions:115 x 100 x 50mm 


Fire Rate: Balls per second BPS/BPM

Pre-set B.B weight v.s. energy(Joule)0.20g,0.21g,0.22g,0.23g,0.24g,0.25g,0.26g,0.27g,0.28g,0.29g,0.30g,0.31g,0.32g,0.33g,0.43g,0.89g

Extra large size diameter:20mm

Handheld small size:12.5CM x 5.5CM x 5CM


Package Include:

1*Airsoft chronograph (Batteries not included)

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