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[N-99] Length: 99mm,  Outer diameter:8.5mm  inside diameter:7.3mm(for original P1 / p1s)

[N-113] Length 113mm Outer diameter:8.5mm  inside diameter:7.3mm (applicable to 14 thread outer tubes

[N-120] Length 120mm Outer diameter:8.5mm  inside diameter:7.3mm (for G34 / longer version)

[pn-99] Length: 99mm, Outer diameter:8.5mm  inside diameter:7.3mm hop up inside (for original P1 / p1s)

[pn-113] Length: 113mm, Outer diameter:8.5mm  inside diameter:7.3mm hop up inside (applicable to 14 thread outer tubes

[pn-120] Length: 120 mm, Outer diameter:8.5mm  inside diameter:7.3mm hop up inside (for G34 / extended version)

[pn75s] 104mm long outer  Outer diameter:9.5mm  inside diameter:7.5mm hop up inside(suitable for original 14 thread outer tube)

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